C H O R T H I P  is a Thai name meaning Eternal Flower, symbolizing our connection to nature and our way of appreciating and celebrating life through its everlasting gifts.

Our brand narrative tells a story of nature’s imperfect beauty, a perfect imperfection which also exists in each and everyone of us, captured through jewelry design.

Chorthip’s design is inspired by nature and the influence of nature on us. Growing up between Bangkok and Phangan Island, Thailand, Chorthip was raised by a single mom. Being that she was an only child she often played and interacted alone with what surrounded her. This has been a strong influence on her art. The popular Rain and Urs collections are examples of this and are all based on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi -- which embraces imperfection.

Chorthip takes nature’s ordinary acts and transforms them into extraordinary gifts, reflecting and commemorating connection and continuity - strengthening the bond between the giver and recipient through the stages of life.

Chorthip’s pieces are made of the highest quality, ethically sourced and recycled materials, reclaimed when possible, and using fair trade resources.