"Jewelry is more than an object of desire, jewelry brings a sparkle of joy and a warm feeling of happiness. When a piece has the right connection, it becomes part of who you are. My creative inspiration draws from nature's innate elegance and complementary balance - fluid characteristics mirrored in the deepest human relationships.  As an Urbanite, I am always mindful of practical and functional solutions."

Chorthip earned a degree in Industrial Design in her native Thailand before coming to New York City where she completed a one-year intensive program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  After winning a prize scholarship to study jewelry design in Arezzo, Italy, Chorthip returned to New York to launch her career.

Hired by some of the biggest, most recognized jewelry houses, including Tiffany & Co., Chorthip's fluid, sculptural shapes drew the attention of Architect Frank Gehry.  Together, they collaborated on his debut jewelry collection

Chorthip creates original sculptural pieces in precious materials that embody her beliefs in the beauty of imperfection, simplicity and timelessness. Designed and handcrafted in New York City's East Village, with environmental mindfulness and care, each piece reflects Thai, Italian and American influences.

In 2009, Chorthip began developing jewelry for her own collections. Selected as “The Best New Designer” by the American Jewelry Design Council in 2011, her work has since been featured in national magazines such as Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and WWD.



The reason I ventured out on my own is because I wanted to make something unique, and special.  I will never be able to compete with the "big stores"...my designs are made by hand with love.  I imagine that people who like my work are similarly minded...individuals looking to make their mark and leave behind something that is special to them.  These are not cookie-cutter, mass-produced works. Each piece has been formed by hand at my studio in NYC.  I live a full life.  In addition to being a designer, I am a mother, a wife, a business owner.  I am busy.  But that doesn't prevent me from being as fully present as possible.  My jewelry reflects my belief that everyone should have the chance to feel good about themselves, every day, through the choices they make and how they spend their time.  Nature nurtures us, as will theses pieces.  Wear them with love, until they become a part of you.